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Are Oil Paint Sets Worth It? (Maimeri Puro Oil Colors)


Bright orange image with text "art supplies discounts!!!"

There’s currently one set of Maimeri Puro Oil Colors paints for sale over at Dick Blick…

So is the set worth purchasing? Or would it be cheaper to purchase the colors individually?

Well let’s find out…


The Try Out Set – $49.59

The Try Out Set contains three 40 ml tubes of the following colors:

Primary Yellow (price for an individual 40ml tube) $20.69

Primary Red – Magenta $20.69

Primary Blue – Cyan $20.69


If you were to purchase all three colors separately it’d cost you $62.07.

That is $12.48 more than buying the set (for $49.59).

You save a nice big fat 20% by purchasing Maimeri Puro Oil Colors as a set!

So in this instance, purchasing your oil paints as a set is worth it.



Prices are from Dick Blick's website, taken on 01/26/2016
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