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Highly suggested artists!

I cannot stress how much I suggest you watch these artists…

They may not be your cup of tea, but give it a try. Twitch can be a great way for artists and art lovers to “connect”. Also artists and artists… obviously…



She’s a really neato artist who seems to have a lot of fanciful creatures in her artwork… also there’s generally a cat wandering around. So that’s neat to I guess.

All times listed are in EST

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday: 10 p.m. to whenever I feel like it.
Wednesday: Off or up for grabs.
Saturday: After 11 p.m. to whenevaaaaa.





Her art is very cute and she seems pretty neato too. You’ll like her.

She doesn’t publish a schedule so you’ll just have to signup for a notification for when she gets on.



Bob Ross

Bob Ross isn’t around anymore, but streams some of his episodes every Monday. I do not suggest you subscribe to his channel however… since he is no longer alive and there’s just so little benefit… I’m not even sure why there’s a subscribe button there.

Schedule for Mini Marathons every Monday:

Starting at 8am Pacific (5pm CET) and ending around 2:00pm Pacific (11:30pm CET)

Starting at 4pm Pacific (1am CET Tuesday) and ending around 10:00pm Pacific (7:30am CET Tuesday)



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