Dick Blick Soft Pastels – A Short Review

Dick Blick offers their own brand of soft pastels if you weren’t aware.

Blick Artists’ Half Stick Soft Pastel Sets

Blick Artists’ Soft Pastels Sets

Blick’s soft pastels are offered in two sizes, full stick and half stick, and are made in England.


Blick’s soft pastels straddle the line between being a firm pastel and a soft pastel. The color transfers easily, but there is still that feeling of firmness in your strokes. It’s almost like the difference between feeling hardened clay and a stick of chalk, you know? Blick being more towards the clay side…


Dick Blick soft pastels aren’t anywhere near as powdery as some of the other popular soft pastel brands. While you still need to take precautions so as to not inhale a bunch of dust, I feel these soft pastels have a more “controllable” powder. It’s hard to explain. It’s just not as annoying as other brands and doesn’t seem to easily float off into the air.


I personally like the feel of these pastels and think they’re about as high of quality as any soft pastels… but I’m biased against soft pastels to begin with so…

The colors are all strong and vibrant, the color transfers easily to your surface, but Blick’s soft pastels feel more clay-like than the more expensive and supposedly higher quality brands you might be used to.

To Sum Up

I like them.┬áDick Blick’s soft pastels are definitely not the best thing ever but oh boy are they not even close to the worst.

These soft pastels fit firmly into the “middle quality” category.

And you know what, they’re definitely worth the cost… my set of 40 half sticks cost me $31 after a 20% off coupon.

I say give them a try, see what they’re like for you and your art!

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