In Praise of Kay Pike

In praise of Kay Pike!

Howdy there. I’m Kay. An extremely varied artist and entrepreneur with a kind disposition and many stories to tell. Trying (as always) to get out of the shy box by sharing what I do a little more.

Sundays 5-8pm
MT. Photoshopping and media from previous nights Bodypaint.

Tuesdays: Starts between 12pm-2pm

Bodypaint Practice. Mountian Time. Goes all night till im done.

Wednesday 5-8pm
MT. Photoshopping and media from previous nights Bodypaint.

Saturday: Starts between 12pm-2pm

Saturday cartoons! Bodypaint Practice, definitely a cartoon or comic character (open to suggestions) Goes all night till im done.

She generally does body painting of comic book characters in her stream, effectively turning herself into that character.

Her appreciation and determination to continue doing what she does is impressive.

She continually paints herself for 8+ hours and somehow keeps on trucking through the entire time.

Like my gosh, 8 hours of body painting!?

That is dedication.

And dedication to one’s chosen art is something very human.

And also how the hell is she so good at making balloons animals?
How does that happen.

My point is she’s an impressive person who’s dedicated to her art and I’m glad she’s been doing so well on twitch.

More info on Kay Pike… stream

Become a Patron of the Kay Pike Arts

If you do choose to join her stream remember to respect her rules… I don’t know them exactly but I think they’re something like don’t be mean, no cursing in songs apparently, and don’t get all sexual.

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