Jerry’s Brand Spankin New Canvas Panels

So it seems Jerry’s Artarama has a new, linen and cotton canvas, wood panel series up for sale. Jerry’s apparently uses 7 different types of canvas (listed below) and glues them to a wood panel… so for you artists out there who love canvas panels the gods have officially blessed you.

Some surprising aspects… The prices seem pretty good for a canvas panel. The cradle, or frame, looks very similar to the Da Vinci panels that Jerry’s sells.

Jerry’s Description

Thought about making your own linen panels, but could use that valuable time painting instead of prepping? Jerry’s has heard you, and has taken the beauty and luxury of Europe’s finest Linens and Poly Cottons, and professionally mounted them on Da Vinci Pro Birch Wood Panels for your convenience! Using Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive (acid-free, museum-quality formula designed specifically for preservation materials), Jerry’s skilled craftsman hand-mount Raphael Linen, Claessens oil and universal primed linens, and Belle Arti poly cotton canvases to our own cradled birch panels. This creates flawless, museum-quality painting panels unlike anything on the market. Perfect for oils, alkyds, acrylics, egg tempera, and caseins!

Available in 7 professional quality linens and poly cotton canvases:

Raphael Oil Primed Fine Textured Linen
Claessens 15DP Oil Primed General Purpose Linen
Claessens 66 Oil Primed General Purpose Linen
Claessens 166 Universal General Purpose Linen
Claessens 13DP Oil Primed Fine Textured Linen
Courbet Ultra Fine Textured PolyCotton
Roma Affesco Poly Cotton Rough Texture

Key Features:

7/8″ and 1 5/8″ cradled depths for dramatic presentation
Exceptional panel strength and rigidity
Available in 7 professional quality linens and poly cotton canvases
Panel foundation is warp-resistant Birch with kiln-dried New Zealand Pine cradles
Archival canvas panels crafted by skilled artisans

Give them a try and come back and tell us all how they worked out!

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