Price Research – Canvasses

I’ve found a real, actual, sale for you guys!

So is having a “clearance” event and some pre-stretched (as well as canvas rolls) are included in the event!

I was originally thinking this was another fake sale that art supplies sellers have all the time…

But it turns out this is an actual honest to god sale.

So Practica canvasses…

  • Stretched cotton canvas
  • Acid free acrylic primer
  • 5/8″ Depth, back-stapled
  • Sold 20 canvases to a box
  • All sizes now available in packs of 2
Perfect For:


  • A low-cost alternative to canvas panels
  • Practice work and sketches
  • Providing the feel of professional surfaces
  • Beginners, students, & quick studies

You can find the Practica Economy canvasses here…

The 16 x 20 size canvas in the 20 pack has had its price reduced by $12.41. 

The 12 x 16 size is discounted by $16.24.

The 16 x 20 size canvas costs $2.62 per canvas in the 20 pack.

The 12 x 16 size costs $1.93 per canvas in the 20 canvas pack.

Practica has some of the cheapest, if not highest quality, canvasses around at these prices. Order a couple 20 packs and you’ll get free shipping to boot… which I highly recommend you do since it reduces your per unit price.

I’m guessing these would be great for say… a kids art class or some kind of tutorial… pretty much anything where you need a bunch of canvasses but you don’t want anybody to worry about messing up.

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