Price Research – Pastel Board

Get the best price on pastel board that you could ever POSSIBLY get…

All thanks to yours truly.

Anyways, as you may or may not know Ampersand products are almost never discounted in any way. No sales, no coupons, no clearance. Their pricing is generally universal across all distributors in the US. You simply cannot get a deal on an Ampersand product. The only way to save is to order online instead of buying in stores.


I have found something beautiful!

Utrecht has some Ampersand products that can have coupons applied to them!

Here’s the search:—Boards—Wood-Canvas,Ampersand,Coupon-Eligible.utrecht

They currently have 4 sizes of Ampersand Pastel Board that a 20% off coupon can be applied to!

I scored some 8 x 10 pastel boards for $4.05 a piece!


Find the Ampersand Pastel boards here:–Grey-MP-08910-001-i1004926.utrecht

Don’t forget to send your order confirmation to to get additional savings in the form of jet cash.

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