So… Uh… Donna Dewberry…


Honestly, I had no idea who this person was until today when I was looking through art supplies made by the company Weber (see:

It turns out Donna Dewberry claims she came up with, sorry developed???, what she calls a “one stroke” technique.

This technique seems to me just to be strategically loading your brush with different colors…

That is not a new technique. Not that they claimed that it was. But they sure seemed to want you to associate it with Donna Dewberry and not every single other painter that has dipped their brush into two, TWO WOW, colors at the same time.

I know for a fact that Bob Ross did this in his show The Joy of Painting (see Season 2 Episode 8)… since “double loading” his brush makes the painting more visually striking and makes using the Wet on Wet technique easier.

Honestly, this is just… weird…

I have no idea what’s going on.

Maybe her painting was so bland that they had to come up with a way to market her… so they went “hey we have this awesome technique!!!”
I mean that’s the business of art right there. You gotta make a new star to sell branded product since the previous sparkler of a star Bob Ross is gone *coughs in the Weber company’s direction*.


The double loading technique is so simple of a thing that I honestly don’t feel it needs much explanation. It’s literally strategically loading your brush with paints. That’s it.

For god sakes it’s such a simple thing that there’s even an article on it (

I don’t know who Patty is, but she teaches all her kids the double loading technique! OOPS! I mean, one stroke technique! (See:


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