Image of the new Lego Star Wars First Order Special Forces TIE fighter for sale at Amazon for $69.

The New Star Wars Legos Are Out

Today, Friday September 4th is when all the Star Wars toys for the new upcoming Star Wars movie come out.

Part of the explosion of new toys is a new Star Wars line of Legos…. which I received an email for in my inbox.

So I went to take a look…

You know what I found?

Some good looking legos…

That cost a fortune.

$70 for a tie fighter.

$90 for a troop transporter.

I think its pretty fucking messed up that a kid would have to spend $580 to buy the 7 Lego sets in the new line. The average purchase price for these 7 new lego sets is about $83 a piece.

A kid could literally walk into Target with a $100 bill and get a small box of legos and about $3 in change back when you remember sales tax.

I feel like that’s really messed up. Legos should be for everybody. Not just spoiled kids.

And while I understand these are the NEW sets for the NEW movie (with a different rights structure with the NEW Star Wars Parent Disney it seems)… I do not think that justifies the price.

Legos hold an extremely important role in the field of toys. They are unique.

They not only present a challenge for kids to overcome (the building) they present kids with whole new universes of art for their imaginations to explore. This is something more unique to Legos. Legos brings art to life for children in ways things like matchbox cars never have.

It’s tactile art. Art you can touch and change at the whims of your imagination. All with a general theme provided in the form of Star Wars movies… can you see how powerful that can be for children? How beneficial?

It just really grinds my gears how much this new line costs…

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