twitch Creative Artists

SO, I’ve been going through the relatively new Creative category on twitch and leaving it on while I ~ art ~.

And I have discovered three people that are surprisingly enjoyable to watch… Like they are all legitimately impressive people.

KayPikeFashion (Body Painting)

I saw her crying three times on air one day, but she kept on doing her body painting. She seems pretty damn dedicated to her body painting considering she spent like 8 hours on air doing it… and she really does seem to enjoy interacting with everybody. She’s quite impressive.
You can find her Patreon here:

GinaChanTV (Painting, Crafty Stuffs, Games)
You’ll find GinaChanTV generally doing some kind of cute/pretty painting! I think she mostly uses acrylic… She really seems to enjoy her twitch peoples and is open to questions and stuff.

DuckT4rt (Drawing, Painting, Wood Burning)
She seems very nice… I caught her doing some wood burning last month (i think). It was pretty neato.

If you do watch any of them, be polite.
Don’t make shit weird.
Behave yourselves.

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