Well now there’s some price inflation…….

Holbein’s 18 Half Pan Watercolors Set costs $216.75

Holbein’s 18 5ml Watercolor Tubes Set costs $65.99

So that’s a $150 difference between the tubes and half pans… and what do you get for the extra $150 you spent on the half pans??? Some plastic trays, a brush, and… that’s it. Especially when you consider the fact that the colors included in both sets are pretty similar.

Pretty sure that isn’t worth it!

But hey what do I know, maybe you enjoy the little box the cakes come in and maybe you prefer the cakes themselves over the tubes! Personal choice really… it’s just a surprisingly expensive one!

Holbein Artists Watercolor Tube Sets Include the Following Colors:

  1. Burnt Sienna
  2. Chinese White
  3. Crimson Lake
  4. Permanent Green #1
  5. Prussian Blue
  6. Viridian
  7. Burnt Umber
  8. Cobalt Blue
  9. Ivory Black
  10. Vermilion
  11. Yellow Ochre
  12. Compose Blue
  13. Jaune Brilliant #2
  14. Permanent Green #2
  15. Permanent Yellow Deep
  16. Rose Madder
  17. Mineral Violet
  18. Permanent Yellow Lemon

Holbein Artists Watercolor Half Pan Sets Include the Following Colors:

  1. Brilliant Orange
  2. Burnt Sienna
  3. Burnt Umber
  4. Chinese White
  5. Lemon Yellow
  6. Payne’s Grey
  7. Prussian Blue
  8. Sap Green
  9. Ultramarine Deep
  10. Viridian Hue
  11. Yellow Ochre
  12. Dioxazine Violet
  13. Indian Yellow
  14. Opera
  15. Cadmium Green Pale
  16. Permanent Alizarin Crimson
  17. Cadmium Red Light
  18. Cerulean Blue

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