when twitch.tv creative streams aren’t creative

that moment when a very popular twitch.tv streamer puts her stream in the creative category but she’s literally just sitting there…

you kinda missed the point of the creative category…

An ugly orange colored image with text "u messed it all up".

But hey that’s okay because she’s uber popular and can get all the monies.

Honestly though, twitch really needs to add more categories and make it more clear on what the general idea of each category is. You wouldn’t have me here complaining if this person was just in some “hangout” category… nobody would care.

But as an artist, it’s just not where I’d like to see twitch creative going.

As an artist, I hope to see people being creative in the creative category. I hope to see a flexible, creative, community forming in the creative category….

I fear if certain people keep hanging out instead of doing something creative… a very good idea could end up getting the axe because twitch is never going to see the category gain traction.



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